I’m seeing signs of the economy improving.  Are you seeing them?

Restaurants and shopping malls are packed and I’m hearing positive news from trusted sources.

My clients are seeing more and bigger donations coming in (yay!).

I firmly believe that fundraising is going to get easier a little bit at a time over the next several months.  I don’t know if it will go back to where it was, but I don’t plan to spend any time worrying about that.  I’d rather focus my attention on what needs to be done now to set ourselves up for success both now and in the future.

Here are some things that smart nonprofit organizations are doing right now to prepare for success:

  • Deepening donor relationships. Smart nonprofits are investing time into their donors.  They’re spending more time getting to know their donors.  They know that this is the best use of their time, because loyal donors will stick around for years to come.
  • Showing their appreciation. Smart nonprofits are spending more time than ever before thanking and acknowledging their donors.  They’re making thank-you calls and sending handwritten thank-you notes. Some are getting their Board members involved in this!  They’re making sure that the donor knows how much they appreciate their support.
  • Honing their Case for Support. Smart nonprofits are getting very clear about their reason for existence.  They have concise, razor-sharp answers for the questions about why someone should give to them.
  • Strengthening their Board. Smart nonprofits are spending time to make sure their Board members understand their roles and responsibilities for leading the organization, and have the resources they need to do their job.  They’re helping their Board members find ways to comfortably participate in fundraising.  Instead of sitting back and expecting their Boards to know what to do, smart nonprofit staff are educating and supporting their Boards.

What is your nonprofit doing right now that’s smart?  I’d love to hear!  Click on the comment link and share.

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