I saw a quote this morning on Facebook from Dani Johnson and it really struck me.  Here it is:

You CAN NOT get to a NEW place unless you LEAVE the OLD one first!

So true.

Many times, we get excited about a new dream or vision for our organization, or even a new fundraising strategy we want to try.  We want to make it happen. Sometimes we close our eyes and visualize how it will be. But here’s the problem:

If we don’t take action, nothing happens. Action is required to make our nonprofit dreams a reality.

You know what’s key to taking action? A plan.

Taking action just to get into movement isn’t enough.  You must be moving toward a specific goal.

This week I have a video for you to talk more about creating a plan for yourself.


It’s not enough to just have a new place. Make it BIG enough that it’s worth working toward.


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