There are Board members, and there are Board members.

You know what I’m talking about.

Some Board members are gems.

They’re helpful, they’re pleasant, and they’re productive. They’ll bring friends to events or for a tour of your facility, and they’ll help in any way they can.

Then there are those Board members who barely return an email or a phone call.

You probably have some of them on your Board right now.

Do you know what makes the difference between mediocre Board members and superstars?

It’s engagement.

Productive, happy Board members are committed to the mission of the organization, and they feel connected. They see themselves as part of the team. They enjoy hearing the stories from the front lines, and often, they’re a dependable volunteer.

Disengaged Board members, on the other hand, sit in a Board meeting playing games on their phone (I almost SMACKED a man one time for spending the whole Board meeting on Facebook!). Typically, they don’t even show up, using one excuse after another.

So the question is this: How do you engage your Board members and keep them engaged?

It’s about knowing what’s important to the individual.

One size does not fit all.  You need to get to know your Board members.

Think of them as Major Donors. What would you do to get to know a Major Donor?

Find out what they like doing and what sets their heart on fire about the organization. Give them specific tasks to do and support them to be successful.

You’ll be much happier in the long run!

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