On our farm, we have 4 cats.

Each of them was rescued from a shelter and they are all a part of our family.

The fun part is that they are all very different from one another.

And none of them actually say “meow.”

I think when I was young, I learned that dogs say “woof” and cats say “meow.”  I guess my young brain thought that meant that all cats say “meow” and only “meow.”

But now I have all these kitties who speak a different language.

I don’t think I can spell the sounds they each make.  Each of them has a unique, signature verbalization which makes it easy to tell them apart from the other room.

Because I love my kitties so much, I’ve gotten to know them so well that I can tell them apart just by the sounds they make.

This all got me to thinking… how would fundraising be different if we got to know our donors so well that we understood their language? 

What I mean is that they all have their own unique likes, dislikes, and things they like to talk about.  What if we took the time to know the specific phrases they use when they speak?  Or the stories they like to tell over and over?

I’m thinking that our fundraising would explode.

If we took the time to get to know our donors so well that we speak their language, we’d be developing relationships that would last for years.  Our donors would feel important to us and would give to support our work over and over again.

So, spend some time learning the language of your donors.  Get to know them.  Learn what makes them tick.

You’ll raise more money.

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