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Ready for 2020 to be the year that your fundraising plan helps you blow past your revenue goals?

Most people get stuck creating a fundraising plan because they

  • Don’t know what format to use
  • Don’t know what to include
  • Afraid they’ll leave something out
  • Think they don’t know enough

If this is you, keep reading…

Truth: No one ever raised big bucks without a plan.

It’s time to get out of reactive mode and move into greater productivity with a written fundraising plan.

You need a plan to create the kind of mind-blowing revenue your nonprofit needs all while helping you save your sanity!

Having a written, detailed fundraising plan can change the game and move you from fighting fires every day to proactively leveraging the best opportunities for your nonprofit.


No more wondering what you should be doing each day

Knowing exactly how you’ll raise the money your nonprofit needs to operate

Having specific, concrete strategies for fundraising

Having confidence that your plan will WORK!

100% practical, usable content

Fundraising Blueprint Live Workshop

Join us for this 2-hour virtual workshop on December 13th from 1-3 pm eastern, and learn how to finally get your fundraising plan done!



Historical Self Assessment

Use the homework worksheets to gather the numbers from your past fundraising activities. During the workshop we’ll use these numbers to help you choose the right strategies for this year so that you only keep what works, you dump what doesn’t work, and you identify tweaks you can make to improve what you keep.

Hands-on Training

During the workshop you’ll decide on the direction for your plan, and using the handouts, get started on a draft. If you fill everything out as we go, you’ll be well on your way to a finished plan by the end of the workshop.


No more searching for the perfect template, because you’ll get mine! I’ll share with you the actual fundraising plan template that I use when I’m writing plans for clients.

Sample Plan

Want to see what a finished fundraising plan looks like? Download the sample and take a look!

What you’ll learn:

  • How to review your numbers from last year to decide what to repeat and what to ditch.

  • How to set the One Big Goal that rules the rest.

  • The 3 critical targets your plan must address.

  • Playing to your strengths so your plan doesn’t push you too far outside your comfort zone.

  • Choosing the right strategies for you that will generate the return on investment you want and need.

  • Writing it down (it’s not a real plan if it’s in your head!).

  • Course correcting once you start using your plan.

Fundraising Blueprint Live Workshop


Get your plan done with this two hour workshop!

December 13 from 1-3 pm eastern

Fundraising Blueprint Live Workshop

  • Seat in the virtual Fundraising Blueprint

Fundraising Blueprint Live Workshop Upgrade

  • Seat in the virtual Fundraising Blueprint
  • 2 private calls with a Get Fully Funded coach to guide you as you create your 2020 Fundraising Plan


A complete fundraising plan is more than just when you’ll ask for money during the year. It also includes strategies for raising awareness, finding new donors, and developing diverse revenue streams.
To make this easier for you, we’re including these tools and trainings:

  • How to Get and Rock Speaking Gigs – 60 minute video training ($97.00 value)

  • Grant Research 101 – 60 minute video training ($97.00 value)

  • Micro lessons on Where to Find New Donors & How to Cover Your Nonprofit’s Overhead ($47.00 value)

  • Fundraising Monthly Checklist ($47.00 value)

What others are saying after attending the Fundraising Blueprint Live Workshop

“I must let go of busy work so I have time to plan!”
“Need to take time to make a plan to be more efficient and successful in the long run!”
“Getting a plan in writing and focusing on what I need to be doing instead of getting sidetracked!”
“With the documents you provided, I now know I can get a plan down in writing!”

What’s this worth to your nonprofit?

What’s it worth to you and your nonprofit to finally have a plan to generate the money that you need?

Oh, you can probably figure some of this out for yourself. But how long will that take? How many mistakes will you make? How many lives will suffer while you’re throwing spaghetti at the wall trying to get something to stick? That’s the true cost. And one you can easily avoid.

So, let’s draw a line in the sand – no more overwhelm. No more procrastination. No more searching for the perfect template.

You’ll finally have a fundraising plan to raise big bucks to fund your big mission!


(Here’s what others have to say)

“I was lucky enough to find you in my first year of operation with my nonprofit. I’m learning to do things right the first time instead of wasting time and energy on mistakes. I’ve gotten so many ideas that I’ve been able to use and translate to real dollars coming in the door. I’m looking forward to improving my board and am actually excited about grant writing. I rely on you more than anyone else to support my organization. Thank you!”

Becky Roy, Founder, Draft Gratitude, Winchester, NH

“Get Fully Funded, eh? At best I thought that was a stretch. A good marketing slogan. You have good material but I never really fully believed we could ever be fully funded. In December of 2013, I went out on a big limb and sent to our donors an appeal called “Unfunded goals for 2014.” By May 2014 we raised our entire budget for the year…and we put more than I ever thought possible in our general fund….We have mostly, but certainly not perfectly, followed the fund raising plan. Steady effort works! Love and appreciate you!”

Andy Perkins, Director, BESTWA, Grand Prairie, Texas

“Sandy brings her expertise and years of experience to teach, guide, and support you. Her friendliness and training demeanor proves that she is on your side and part of your team. The fundraising plan she worked out for the Haven set us up to raise $100,000 this year – a significant increase over last year. I learned so much through our weekly sessions, and I now feel confident going forward. Sandy taught me the tools I need to assure that our herd of retired Thoroughbreds will be fully funded throughout the coming years.”

Cheryl A. Bellucci , Volunteer Director of Fund Raising & Promotion, Our Mims Retirement Haven, Paris, KY

Fundraising Blueprint Live Workshop


Get your plan done with this two hour workshop!

December 13 from 1-3 pm eastern

Fundraising Blueprint Live Workshop

  • Seat in the virtual Fundraising Blueprint

Fundraising Blueprint Live Workshop Upgrade

  • Seat in the virtual Fundraising Blueprint
  • 2 private calls with a Get Fully Funded coach to guide you as you create your 2020 Fundraising Plan


I guarantee that you’ll get amazing value from the Fundraising Blueprint. If you aren’t completely satisfied with the training and materials, just let us know within 14 days of your purchase, and we’ll refund your payment. Easy peasy.


Yes! You are welcome to invite other members from your organization to participate. If you need multiple login links, just email our support team after you register, and they’ll get you set up.

Yes! We will record the Fundraising Blueprint Workshop and have it available within 24 hours after the workshop ends.

All of the material we’ll cover in the Fundraising Blueprint Live Workshop is specific to the United States, and most will apply to nonprofits no matter where they are. It’s up to each nonprofit to know and understand local, state, and regional laws regarding donations, taxes, paperwork and nonprofit operations.

Absolutely! No matter what stage of growth you’re in, you need a fundraising plan. You may not have much to include in the historical review, but you’ll get a lot from the sections on choosing the right strategy for your nonprofit.


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