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Your Board members are the leaders of your nonprofit. If they don’t understand their role, you’re bound to be stuck in Board chaos and be frustrated at the lack of support you get from them.

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If you’ve got BIG plans for growing your nonprofit, you need your Board to help lead the way. Unfortunately, if you’re like most, you’re dragging them along.

Why? It’s simple really.

Most people join a nonprofit Board without fully understand what they just said “yes” to. They don’t know what their role is or what their responsibilities are. And in the absence of that knowledge, they gravitate to whatever is fun or familiar. And that’s where the micromanaging starts.

You need a Board to help you plan for the future not just nod their head at whatever ideas you through out. You need them to help fundraise and even make their own donation. You’d love them to be excited about the organization’s mission and about changing lives.

Good news: it’s all fixable.

A little training can go a LONG way. Most people WANT to do the right thing – they just need to know what that is.

While our team delivers a lot of in-person Board training, we realize that doesn’t work for every nonprofit or every budget. That’s where Board Training in a Box comes in.

Board Training in a Box contains everything you need to get your Board members up-to-speed on their basic roles and responsibilities, including

  • How to find, recruit, and keep great new Board members
  • Why every Board members should learn to read your financial statements, even if they aren’t a “numbers person”
  • The best way to run an effective, efficient, enjoyable Board meeting (in an hour!)
  • What self governance is and why your Board needs to do it
  • How donor-based fundraising works and how to get each member of your Board to jump in with both feet to help

It’s a do-it-yourself training kit that teaches your Board everything they need to become rock-solid, make-it-happen, everyone-wants-to-be-a-part kind of Board.


In the kit, you get

  • 2 training DVDS (use them in a half-day retreat or break them into smaller sections spread out over time)
  • Facilitator’s Guide (Follow the simple instructions to facilitate your retreat yourself, complete with discussion questions)
  • 10 Participant Guides (Every member of your Board can have their own reference materials to take notes in and refer back to) [we’ll give you the PDF if you need to make more copies]
  • Fidget toys and supplies


This training kit works great for new Boards, working Boards, and any Board that is struggling to gain momentum.



Get these cool bonuses with your Board Training in a Box:

  1. “How to Get 100% Board Giving” – You’ll get the recording of a info-packed webinar that provides the steps and tips you need to get ALL your Board members giving.
  2. Done-For-You tools – To make life EASY, we’re giving you over a dozen items that you can use right away – just add your logo and you’re golden! You get a Board Member Job Description, Board Member Prospect Checklist, Board Member Agreement, and lots more!
  3. Mini Board Training Activities – Keep your Board members learning and participating with these short training activities, designed to be done in 5 minutes or less at each Board meeting. Each one is described and then demonstrated in a short video that you can watch whenever you want.

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    Colleen Dudley, Executive Director

    “If your Board needs an ‘intervention’, Sandy’s your gal. She can get them fired up and on the job.”

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    Thank you!!1

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