Digital Fundraising Blueprint Kit


If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there. Having a written, detailed fundraising plan can change the game and move you from fighting fires every day to proactively leveraging the best opportunities for your nonprofit.



How much money could you raise if you had a plan to guide you?

Would you feel more organized? Stop spinning your wheels?

Most people get stuck creating a fundraising plan because they

  • Don’t know what format to use
  • Don’t know what to include
  • Afraid they’ll leave something out
  • Think they don’t know enough

The good news is that your fundraising plan is a living document. It’s not carved in stone. It’s flexible and can change as situations change and new opportunities arise.

Truth: No one ever raised big bucks without a plan.

It’s time to get out of reactive mode and move into greater productivity with a written fundraising plan.

The Fundraising Blueprint Home Study Kit will guide you through the process of creating a written fundraising plan that plays to your strengths, your organization’s assets, and your fundraising goals.

Just imagine…

  • No more wondering what you should be doing each day
  • Knowing exactly how you’ll raise the money your nonprofit needs to operate
  • Having specific, concrete strategies for fundraising
  • Having confidence that your plan will WORK!

You’ll start by doing a short Historical Analysis to evaluate any fundraising you’ve already done to see what to keep, what to tweak, and what to dump.

Next you’ll learn the 3 critical goals your fundraising plan must address

You’ll walk through an exercise to uncover your personal strengths so you can stop trying to do things you just aren’t cut out for.

You’ll also unearth your organization’s assets and get ideas for leveraging them.

I’ll share my 1-10-1000 Rule for planning so if you aren’t sure what to include, you will be after this part!

I’ll show you how to project revenue and double-check the math.

Plus you’ll get tips for getting help with your plan and staying on track.

You’ll get

  • 3 hours of video training to guide you step-by-step through the process
  • 20 pages of worksheets and handouts to simplify things
  • Template for the fundraising plan we use with clients
  • Sample fundraising plan


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