Build Your Team Field Guide


Learn how to find and keep awesome people who will help you get more things done including raising money! In this field guide, you'll get practical tips and tricks to help you build your team, even when all you can pay is a pat on the back.



You know the old saying – “Many hands make light work.” And it’s true. No one can build their nonprofit alone.

The trick is to get the right help for your situation, no matter if you’re looking for volunteers, interns, subcontractors or staff.

This training bundle walks you through the process of:

  • Getting clear about what help you need so you can work in your strengths instead of battling your weaknesses
  • Preparing to find and recruit the perfect person to fill each role
  • The care and feeding of volunteers
  • Inside tips on finding good interns


Here’s what you’ll get with this bundle:


1. Getting Help to Get Things Done – 60-minute recorded webinar

If you’ve struggled with volunteers in the past, don’t fret – help is here! In this webinar, you’ll learn how to overcome common problems that pop up with volunteers and instead find people who will make fantastic additions to your team. You’ll learn:

  • Common excuses for not using volunteers (and how to let them go)
  • 5-step process for adding people to your team
  • Difference between volunteers and interns, and what each is looking for
  • Tips for giving people a great experience on your team (so they’ll happily stick around)

After this training, you’ll have a really good idea of where your efforts to get help in the past have failed and get it right this time.

2. How to Have a Great Experience with Interns – 60-minute recorded webinar

If you like the idea of getting a sharp young student to help you take over some tasks, bringing fresh enthusiasm and perspective to the table, then an intern might be what you need. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to recruit, orient, and manage interns so everyone has a great experience. We’ll cover:

  • Clarity around what your intern will actually do
  • Deciding whether your intern will be paid or free
  • 3 good ideas for finding top-notch students for your intern slot
  • 5 keys for selecting the right person
  • Tips for orienting your new intern to get them started on the right foot
  • 3 keys to success with any intern so they’re actually productive

Three powerful worksheets will help you sharpen your focus for the interns you want and the best way to utilize them.

After you work through the lessons in this training, you’ll feel confident about recruiting and managing a sharp intern for your nonprofit.

3. How to Get More Done 6-minute micro training video

You probably spend time each day doing things you don’t need to do – they suck your energy and leave you feeling drained. In this short video, I’ll lead you through a powerful exercise to help you identify those things and get them off your plate so you can spend your time working in your strengths, which is much more fun and productive.

4. Laser-Focused Learning Ebooks

These small but mighty ebooks contain steps you can take to solve specific problems around getting help. Each book is just a few pages so you can read it fast and get started right away!

  • 5 Secrets to Get What you Need from a Volunteer
  • How to Create a Wildly Successful Fundraising Committee
  • 6 Tips for Getting Hiring Right When You Grow Your Nonprofit Team
  • 5 Steps for Building Your First Productive, Working Board
  • 3 Ideas for Turning Your Board into a Fundraising Board


5. Implementation Checklist

This tool will help you take action so you can get the absolute most from this Field Guide!

About your trainer:

Sandy Rees is a coach/trainer who specializes in showing nonprofit leaders how to fully fund their programs so they can spend more time changing lives and less time worrying about money.

Got questions? Prefer to order over the phone? Call our office at 865-657-9915 9-5 eastern.


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