$497.00 / month for 12 month

The Double Your Donors Mastermind is a unique program that shows you how to build a bigger loyal donor base of people who love your cause and give time and again.



Join like-minded nonprofit leaders in a fun and supportive Mastermind Community for the tools and resources you need to raise big money.

Are you tired of riding a money roller coaster? If you’ve started a nonprofit and you need to add or grow a program, you know you need funding. It’s time to get serious about raising some BIG cash.

Just think how much more you could do for others if you had twice the donors. You’d have the money to hire more staff. You could eliminate the waiting list that breaks your heart. You’d feel more focused and confident, knowing you have the skills, strategies and resources to bring in the money you need year after year.

The Double Your Donors Mastermind is a 12-month group program that combines the “how-to’s” of fundraising with the confidence building and inspiration of personal coaching.

Get ready to have a year of record-breaking fundraising. We’ve got the program for you!

Imagine if…

  • You could have the confidence (and the right words) to grab people by the heartstrings, motivating them to give.
  • You knew exactly when to ask for a donation so they’re ready and happy to give.
  • You could change more lives with a rush of new and loyal donors who support your work.
  • You could raise big bucks to fund your mission — predictably — time after time, year after year, without overwhelm and struggle.

Here’s how it works:

Double-Up training. Each week, access a training webinar, a workshop, or a support meeting, all held virtually. You’ll learn the specific steps and hands-on, practical ideas and tips that inspire your donors to give. These hands-on sessions are jam-packed with learning, support and fun. Bring your questions, pick our brains and enter the Coaching Zone!

Donor Inspiration Makeover sessions. Learn how to polish up your materials so that they do the work. No more sending something out and getting a dismal response! And every 3 months, you’ll hop on the phone with me for a private, 1-on-1 call to strategize fundraising just for your nonprofit’s needs.

Double Up Online Community. It’s your online neighborhood to share celebrations, network, brainstorm new topics, get feedback and make friends with others who share your challenges. And because everyone needs a little boost regularly, we’ll send out a short email each week that jumpstarts your inspiration and ideas.

Double Up Samples & Examples. You’ll get access to a variety of recorded webinars in our vast training vault. Each month, I’ll also give you customizable templates, checklists and samples to make things easier. And, from time to time, I’ll share Surprise Bonus Training that goes more deeply into special topics.


Join the Double Your Donors Mastermind and get the training and support you need to build and grow your donor base. Spend less time experimenting and more time building confidence with the tools, skills, and resources you need to achieve big money results.


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