Thank Your Donor’s Socks Off Field Guide


Learn how to thank donors so well that they give again and give bigger! In this field guide, you'll learn exactly what to say and when to say it so that your donors feel great about giving and can't wait to do it again!



Getting the donation isn’t the end of the fundraising process, it’s actually the beginning, and it starts with a powerful thank you letter followed by warm touches that surprise and delight your donor.
This training bundle shows you how to

  • Create a powerful thank you letter that’s brief yet full of high-impact language
  • Put together a Donor Acknowledgement plan so you’re always ready to thank a donor no matter how large or small the gift
  • Be ready to thank a variety of donors including Foundations, event sponsors, monthly givers, and more
  • Make your thank you feel more like a love letter to your donor


Here’s what you’ll get with this bundle:


1. Thank Your Donor’s Socks Off – 60-minute recorded webinar

If you’ve struggled trying to write a good thank you letter, you’re not alone, or if you’ve wondered if you should be sending your donors a small gift, you’re not alone.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • The components of a good thank you letter
  • How to Thank your donors beyond that letter
  • Get other ideas for thanking your donors so well that they tell their friends about it
  • 15 things you should never do when thanking donors
  • Exactly what to include in the perfect thank you letter
  • How to write a powerful opening sentence that grabs the donor and keeps them reading
  • How to create a donor acknowledgement plan so you’re ready to thank donors at all levels
  • How to script a thank you call

After this training, you’ll have a really good idea of how to thank your donors so well that they remember the experience for years to come.

2. Kitchen table exercise: 3-minute micro training video

What you say and how you say it are critical to the success of your newsletter. Almost no one who raises money has any kind of training in writing. In this short video, I explain a very simple technique that will make your writing more interesting and connecting for your reader.

3. Tips for a Better Thank You Letter: 3-minute micro training video

Find out from the donor’s perspective what they want in a thank you letter. Use these tips to strengthen your thank you letter. Making it more interesting and fun to read.

4. Nine Thank You Letters You Need Ready: 5-minute micro training video

Generic thank you letters aren’t always appropriate. Learn which specific types of gifts you need a customized thank you letter for.

5. Laser-Focused Learning Ebooks

These small but mighty ebooks contain steps you can take to solve specific problems around thanking donors. Each book is just a few pages so you can read it fast and get started right away!

  • 7 MUST DOS When Thanking Donors
  • How to Create a Power Packed Thank You Letter
  • 5 Things You Should Never Write in a Thank You Letter


5. Implementation Checklist

This tool will help you take action so you can get the absolute most from this Field Guide!

About your trainer:

Sandy Rees is a coach/trainer who specializes in showing nonprofit leaders how to fully fund their programs so they can spend more time changing lives and less time worrying about money.

Got questions? Prefer to order over the phone? Call our office at 865-657-9915 9-5 eastern.


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