We know fundraising is harder right now than it’s ever been, thanks to Covid-19. We’re here to help you find your way and fund your work, even in this strange and turbulent time. Click here to get started.  

The more money you raise, the more lives you change.

The problem is, you need to raise more money than you know how.

Maybe asking for money makes you feel sales-y or manipulative. Maybe you tried to figure it all out on your own, but you fell short and don’t know what to do next. What you DO know, is that the trial-and-error stuff isn’t working.

I’ve been in your shoes. That’s why I teach you how to raise big money to fully fund your programs – so you spend more time changing lives and less time worrying about money.

Giving is easy. Asking for help can be hard.
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Encouragement Officer
Take your fundraising from “oh, no” to “OH, WOW!”
Make fundraising simple, predictable, and sustainable even if you’re just starting out! Proven fundraising for passionate nonprofit founders and leaders.
Coaching Programs
You’ve got big goals. And you need big money. Together, we’ve got work to do. Whether you need one-on-one or group coaching, choose from practical programs that jumpstart your brain and accelerate results.
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DIY Training
Some people learn more with self-guided training. Learn at your own pace, and get up and running with cost-effective, skill-based training bundles that teach you how to fund your nonprofit quickly and confidently.
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Workshops / Live Events
Looking for game-changing guidance that takes fundraising to the next level? Sandy’s interactive workshops inspire and inform so you (and your entire team) take charge with clear ideas of what to do next.
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Shorter Learning Curves. Accelerated results.

You don’t have five, ten, 20 years to start bringing in money. What if you could make it happen now, or in just a few months?

You can’t skip the hard work required to get you to your fundraising goals. But you can cut down the time it takes to get you there.

We’ll show you proven systems that work – no matter what your nonprofit. Get the revenue you need and can count on, year after year.

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Real People. Big Wins.
“In the last year, we’ve doubled our donor base, and most importantly, I was able to fulfill my dream of quitting my job and working in the rescue full time!!

On top of that, we’ve raised $60,000 over the past year and are starting construction in a couple of months on a “cat house” with open rooms so we can accept senior cats.

Without money worries, I don’t spend time praying for money, I spend time thanking the universe for the money we have. It’s a big change!”

Jackie Meyers, Founder and DirectorPeaceful Passings Senior Animal Rescue, Bremo Bluff, VA
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