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Handy Checklists
A good checklist can save you time and help you avoid mistakes. Grab one, two, or all of these handy checklists to help you understand your donors, thank them well, and become a better Fundraiser!
Successful Fundraiser Checklist
It takes two things to be a successful, professional Fundraiser: skillset and mindset. It’s all about building fundraising muscles and keeping your head in the game. Find out what 24 characteristics define a Successful Fundraiser.
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The A to Z Guide to Understanding Your Donor
Taking the time to understand your donor is a great investment of your resources and will pay off big later. After all, the more you know about what your donors want from you, the easier it is to give it to them. And donors who get what they want are happy donors. They also tend to give more and stick around longer.
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Thank Donors Well Checklist
Thanking donors well is the right thing to do – it’s polite, it assures the donor that she made a good giving choice, and it closes the cycle of giving which clears the path for the next donation. But there’s a big difference between a mediocre acknowledgement and one that knocks her socks off! Which one are YOU delivering?
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