I’m all about getting creative to find new donors. Heck, I spend a lot of time helping people brainstorm ways to find new donors. But sometimes you can cross a line. People who have used your service might make great candidates to make a donation. But not always. Let me share a real-life story. My30

If there’s a mantra we need to adopt for 2013 it’s “Save the Donors!” Donor Retention rates are getting worse, even as fundraising increased slightly, according to the 2012 Fundraising Effectiveness Survey Report from the Association of Fundraising Professionals and the Urban Institute (www.afpnet.org/FEP). A few years ago, we knew that out of 100 donors,30

People give for all kinds of reasons. Most new or inexperienced fundraisers believe that people give for the tax benefit. Usually, that’s one of the last reasons why someone gives. Here are some of the most common reasons for giving: • They want to help someone. • They feel moved by someone’s story. • They30

Thank goodness we’re not all the same!  Wouldn’t the world be a boring place if we were?  There would only be one flavor of ice cream (because we’d all want the same kind).  There would only be one kind of music (I shudder to think what we’d all be listening to or singing karaoke with!!).30

I was at a fundraising committee meeting recently and we were talking about growing the organization’s donor base. This is a common goal for nonprofit organizations, right?  Well, I’m always delighted when folks who don’t have formal fundraising training get it, as happened that day. As we were talking about strategies for growing the donor30

Missy is one of four cats that live here with us. We adopted her from a local shelter about 10 years ago and she’s a sweetie. She’s the oldest and the smallest of the pack and to help her keep weight on, we feed her canned cat food every afternoon about 4 pm.  She LOVES30

Do you know what your donors are thinking?  Or what they want from their relationship with you? It’s easy to find out. A simple donor survey can help you learn what’s on your donors’ minds and what they’re interested in.  Here are some tips for creating an effective survey. Plan your survey.  Be clear about30