As the AHAs were popping, folks were sharing online.   People were tweeting and posting to social media like crazy last week from The Inspired Fundraising Retreat.  (You can search #InspiredGiving for more.)   I know not everyone could be there, so here are some of the best nuggets that were shared that will30

I travel a good bit, speaking at conferences, and I also lead a lot of webinars. So it’s no surprise that I get asked a LOT of questions about fundraising. I don’t mind answering them, and I’m tickled that people feel comfortable enough right after meeting me to ask a question. Sometimes, the questions make30

I love it when readers write in and share their thoughts. Last week’s article “Go From Squeamish to Successful When You Ask For Money” apparently struck a nerve. Thanks to all who told me how much you got from that. One was so good I wanted to share it with you. Here’s some nonprofit fundraising30

Did you know there’s an upper limit to how much money you’re comfortable asking for? It’s called a money ceiling and we all have one. We’ve all got a number and it’s somewhere close to the biggest gift you can imagine getting. Can you see yourself asking for and getting $500? How about $5,000? $50,000?30