Here’s some hard truth: your fund raising newsletter may be boring your donors.

If it’s like most newsletters produced by nonprofits, it’s full of jargon and insider news that leaves donors feeling less than connected.

To get your donors to read your fund raising newsletter from start to finish, it must include info that donors find interesting.

Put yourself in your donor’s shoes:  what does she care about?

What would make her take time from her busy life to pay attention to what you’ve written?

How to Keep Your Donors Engaged

Here are 5 ideas for things you can write about that will keep your donors engaged and reading your fund raising newsletter.

  • Client story. Tell a story about someone whose life has been changed by your organization.  Keep it short and focused on the person – not your organization. Use a good photo or two and your donor won’t be able to stop reading.  People love happy endings, so be sure to tell a story about someone who went from a bad situation to a good one with the help of your nonprofit’s programs.

  • A Day in the Life. Share what a typical day looks like for one of your clients or program participants. This will help donors better understand the work you are doing and help them identify with the people you are serving. Be sure to include a lot of emotional elements and the many challenges your folks face in their daily life.

  • Common myths. What are the common myths about your cause or common misconceptions that many people seem to have about your nonprofit?  Dispel them by stating them and then giving the real information. Not only are you busting myths, but providing valuable education at the same time.

  • Testimonials. Let others do the talking for you.  Share a brief testimonial from a client, a donor, a volunteer, or a local celebrity about your organization. When donors can hear from your program participants in their own words how much they value your services, it shines a spotlight on the value of their support and can help the donor feel really good about supporting your good work.

  • Statistics. Share a couple of shocking statistics about your cause or the work your organization is doing.  Don’t go overboard here – one or two good facts with a tidbit of supporting info is all you need.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line here is to think about what your donor wants and give it to her – create the ultimate nonprofit email newsletter! Get into the habit of looking for good stories for your fund raising newsletter. Listen to what people comment on, either online or when you bump into them in person.

The better job you do of crafting a fund raising newsletter that meets donors’ needs, the more they’ll support you.

What have you included in your fund raising newsletter that got people talking?  Click the comment link and share.