It’s important to wrap up every special event you hold with a ‘Lessons Learned’ or post-mortem meeting.

After each special event, you should gather the committee members who worked on the event, staff and volunteers who participated, and other key people together to debrief them.  The only way you can make the event even better next year is to uncover what needs improvement.

Don’t trust your opinion to be the only important one – you need to hear from a variety of people about what worked and what didn’t.

Ask some of these questions and record your answers.  This will help you plan for improving the event next year

  • Did the event accomplish its purpose?
  • What went well?
  • What needs to be improved if the event is held again?
  • Did attendees seem to enjoy themselves?
  • Should this event be held again?

Be sure to put your answers in writing.  I can’t stress this enough.  By the time next year comes, you probably won’t remember all the things you meant to do differently.  If your Lessons Learned are in writing, you can simply refer to the document and get things right next year.

  1. I totally agree Sandy! Great post!

    I would also add that when you do your post-mortem, you appreciate the people involved, as much as possible. You encourage them to stay on for next year, and you ask them what they would like to do, if they’d like to take on a different role.

    Also, sending out a surveymonkey survey to your attendees will help you catch what you might have missed at the post-mortem.

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