Every week, we work hard to bring you an info-rich article with practical, ready-to-use information for fundraising in the small nonprofit.

Here are the top 10 most popular nonprofit fundraising articles from 2017.

1. How do I ask strangers for money?If you like cold-calling, go right ahead. If not, get some ideas for warm contacts you could ask for support. Great case study of Meals on Wheels and where they found new donors.https://getfullyfunded.com/ask-strangers-money/

2. Why you need more than one source of revenue for your nonprofit.Relying on one source of funding for your nonprofit is dangerous. Here’s what healthy diverse revenue streams look like. See my fundraising pie with the percentages each revenue should be.https://getfullyfunded.com/more-than-one-source-of-revenue-for-your-nonprofit/

3. 4 Ways to involve your board in fundraising during the holidays.Ready for your Board to do more to help you raise money this December? Get clear on how to manage their expectations and avoid 2 really common mistakes.https://getfullyfunded.com/involve-your-nonprofit-board-in-fundraising/

4. How to create a power-packed thank-you letter.Thanking a donor isn’t the end of the process – it’s the beginning. Understand the Cycle of Giving and how to powerfully thank your donors. https://getfullyfunded.com/create-power-packed-thank-letter/

5. 52 Lists every fundraiser should make.Are you a list maker? Cover every single area of fundraising with this comprehensive set of lists. Work through them and watch your fundraising efforts soar! https://getfullyfunded.com/52-lists-every-fundraiser-make/

6. Answer these 6 questions to guarantee the success of your fundraising plan.Stop shooting from the hip. Get your fundraising plan started by answering these 6 questions.https://getfullyfunded.com/success-of-your-fundraising-plan/

7. Here’s how you get your overhead funded.Learn how to include indirect expenses and allocate expenses across programs to get most of your overhead costs funded. https://getfullyfunded.com/heres-get-overhead-funded/

8. 4 Ways to spice up your fall fundraising appeal.Appeals can be tricky! Follow these 4 techniques to add spice to your asks so that people are inspired to give. https://getfullyfunded.com/4-ways-spice-fall-fundrasing-appeal/

9. Stop looking for rich people to donate big bucks.Learn how to target the right people for your nonprofit by creating an Ideal Donor Profile so you know exactly who you’re looking for and where to find them.https://getfullyfunded.com/stop-looking-rich-people-donate-big-bucks/

10. Top 10 scary things about fundraising in a small nonprofit.Working in a nonprofit isn’t the easiest thing. Here are 10 of the scariest things you might have to do with tips to overcome each one. https://getfullyfunded.com/scary-things-about-fundraising-in-a-small-nonprofit/