2022 Fundraising ArticlesIt’s hard to believe that the year is coming to a close (where has the time gone?), but before it officially wraps, let’s take a look at the top articles of the year.

These fundraising articles are popular ones that our readers have loved and I wanted to gather them together for you in case you missed any of them earlier this year.

Our mission is to provide you with practical ideas that you can use right away. So, we pack as much goodness as we can into our fundraising articles, bulleting out information so it’s easy to follow and easy to use. (Someone called me the “Queen of Bullets” recently and I took that as a compliment!)

Catch these info-packed 2022 fundraising articles now if you missed them, or re-read them to see if there’s more you can glean.

1. 100 Fundraising Email Subject Lines That Will Get Donors to Open Your Email: A good fundraising email subject line makes all the difference in getting your email opened, which is the first step in getting the recipient to take the action you want them to take.

Once you get the hang of writing good subject lines, you won’t dread the task. Through split testing, you can learn what types of subject lines appeal to your donors and get them to open your email and respond. https://getfullyfunded.com/fundraising-email-subject-line/

2. How to Write a Successful Annual Fundraising Plan in 6 Steps: Your annual fundraising plan is critical to reaching your fundraising goals. The key is to get it done and put it in writing!

Take the time to work through the process, adding in both revenue and expense projections. Don’t be afraid to look at the numbers. Learn to love a plan that is grounded in reality, a plan you can trust. As you get comfortable trusting your plan, you will have the map you need to raise the money you need to fund your programs and change more lives. https://getfullyfunded.com/annual-fundraising-plan/

3. 6 Steps for Finding Corporate Sponsors for Your Next Fundraising Event: Sponsors can quickly increase the total revenue generated by your fundraising event. Not every company is a good sponsor prospect and strategically choosing potential sponsors based on connections you have makes your chances of success increase dramatically.

Get your materials ready and go after prospects that have a connection with your nonprofit or an interest in your mission. Give them a great experience this year and they’ll come back again and again to sponsor. All those sponsorship dollars increase your net results from your fundraising event. https://getfullyfunded.com/corporate-sponsors/

4. A Strong Message for Fundraising = More and Bigger Donations: Creating a strong message for fundraising will pay big dividends when you seek new donors or additional donations from current donors. Your message is your mission molded into language that donors will respond to. Getting the message just right will save you from feeling nervous about asking for money, rambling when you talk about your organization’s work, and boring your audience.

With the right message and the right avenues to spread your message, you will be positioned for success. More donors means more donations, and that means more programming and the opportunity to change more lives. https://getfullyfunded.com/message-for-fundraising/

5. 8 Ways to Find Major Donors for Your Small Nonprofit: Becoming a Major Gifts Officer—on top of everything else— is as much about time management as anything else. Make time every day to consult your major gifts spreadsheet and check to see steps you need to take with each person on your list. What tours do you need to set up? What face-to-face meetings do you need to schedule?

It’s your job to nurture their journey to get them to the sweet spot where they are giving as much as they can and loving the return on their investment, the wonderful feeling of knowing they are using their money to do something good.

The more major donors you cultivate, the more money you will raise, and the more lives you can change. And the less stressed you will feel as you get comfortable asking people who love your organization to give a little more. https://getfullyfunded.com/find-major-donors/

6. 12 Ideas for a Virtual Fundraiser or Online Event: Many nonprofit leaders are excited for the return of in-person events. Gathering face-to-face remains the best way to engage new donors and inspire current donors to give more. But … for many reasons, a virtual fundraiser event may be just the right choice for your organization.

The virtual fundraiser allows people to participate regardless of geography. It includes people who are still homebound because they are immunocompromised. It might be easier for people with disabilities who were never able to attend your in-person event. A virtual event costs less and requires fewer volunteers and staff time.

If you think a virtual fundraiser is right for your organization, go for it! Figure out the right idea, the right format, the right time, and the right audience. You’ll make money, introduce new people to your work, engage people who are already involved, all of which will position you to change more lives. https://getfullyfunded.com/virtual-fundraiser-and-online-events/

7. The Nonprofit Administration Dilemma: How Much Should You Spend on Fundraising? Organizations suffer when they spend too little on fundraising and when they spend too much. Focus your nonprofit administration on getting your fundraising spending right where it needs to be to get you where you want to go.

Analyze every fundraising strategy you implement to determine the ROI or Return on Investment. Did that annual appeal you send through the mail perform well? Did your backyard barbecue raise significantly more than you spent?

Don’t starve your organization in an effort to divert every penny of your donations to programs. This will stifle your growth while you chase a goal that most donors do not expect you to achieve.

Seek out the sweet spot where you are spending enough on fundraising to implement your strategies and sustain them over time, but you’re not overspending on solutions and shortcuts that don’t pay off. Then look for ways to spend that will pay off and help you raise more money and change more lives. https://getfullyfunded.com/nonprofit-administration/

8. What you need to know BEFORE you start a nonprofit: When you start a nonprofit, be prepared to be astounded at how much time, effort, and focus the job requires. Building a solid structure will help you set the stage for a successful organization as you grow.

Setting yourself up for success will save you from sleepless nights and fear of failure. You will know your purpose, your budget, and how and where you’re going to find donors. You’ll have a bank account to deposit the money you raise and cash flow to fill it.

Donors will feel like their money is making a real difference. Instead of struggling financially, you will be more likely to see an opportunity to expand programs and services so you can change even more lives. https://getfullyfunded.com/what-you-need-to-know-before-you-start-a-nonprofit/

9. 10 Ways to Find Monthly Donors for Your Small Nonprofit: Monthly giving is an amazing way to create sustainable revenue for your nonprofit. Recruiting new monthly givers is an ongoing activity so always be on the lookout for new monthly donors to add to your donor family.

When you make monthly giving a priority and carve out the time to work on it, you’ll see more money coming in — which lessens the amount you have to figure out how to raise. Your monthly donor program will pay off big, in terms of monthly income and long-term support, especially when you are fundraising for a new nonprofit. https://getfullyfunded.com/ways-to-find-monthly-donors/

10. Your Guide to Hiring Staff for Your Nonprofit: Hiring your first paid employee is a big step. Heck, making a plan to hire staff is a big step. It’s an acknowledgment that you can’t walk this road alone forever. It’s a challenge to yourself to increase your fundraising so you can take your organization to the next level.

By mapping out the employees you need for your organization to grow and thrive, you can calculate how much more money you need to raise. And, wow, that can be a scary number! But with planning and the right strategies, you can get there.

And when you start hiring staff for your nonprofit, you can create the workplace you want to work for, one that values everyone on the team. And that’s when your organization can really take off.

As you build your team, you will be able to expand programs and change more lives. And that’s what it’s all about! https://getfullyfunded.com/hiring-staff-for-your-nonprofit/

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