nonprofit's fundraising methodsYou want to raise a lot of money so your nonprofit can change more lives and your nonprofit’s fundraising methods that you use are key.

Maybe you like the Get Fully Funded philosophy of playing and thinking big. You’d love nothing more than to raise so much money that you can completely serve everyone who needs you and maybe work yourself out of a job.

But when you look around at the money you’re bringing in, it just isn’t enough. You’re not quite making goals.  What gives?

Here’s the answer. You’ve got holes in your fundraising.

Yep, just like Swiss cheese, your nonprofit’s fundraising methods are missing the mark and full of holes.

It’s actually pretty common.

The real problem is that sometimes when you’re in the middle of a nonprofit, you can’t be objective any more.

You can’t see the forest for the trees. You’re the hairdresser trying to cut her own hair. You just don’t have the perspective you need to clearly see your strategy and fundraising methods to tell what’s working, what’s not, and what you’re missing.I bet you have one or more of these going on:

  • Everything seems to take longer than it should, mostly because you have no systems in place and you’re spending a lot of time reinventing the wheel.
  • You’re so focused on getting new donors in the door you aren’t paying attention to the ones who are leaving, so you’re in a constant churn, always hunting for new supporters.
  • You’re trying various fundraising strategies, but not seeing the results you want. Your last letter didn’t generate nearly the response you expected, and you aren’t sure what to do about it. And you just can’t seem to totally fill your events, even though lots of people seem to enjoy them.
  • You’re sending out newsletters and email blasts, and posting on Facebook, but no one is responding. Surely one person would comment on your brilliant words?

You want to know what’s really going on?

You’re too focused on the money.

But wait, don’t you need money to operate?

Yes, you do. But not at the expense of losing the donor and the relationship you have with them.

Back up and look at everything you’ve been doing through the eyes of your donor. What do you see?

  • Are you sharing heart-warming stories that stir their heart and move them to give?
  • Are your communications going two ways? Do you make it simple and easy for them to contact you? Is your email or phone number easy to find?
  • Is it easy to give to your nonprofit?
  • Are they thanked immediately, in a warm and sincere way?

Even if your cause is the best one in town, you won’t fully fund your programs if you ignore your donor’s feelings.

People want to feel good about their gift to your nonprofit. Do whatever it takes to give them that.

Build trust at every turn. Don’t give your donors ANY reason to be dissatisfied with you.

Carve out some time and have an objective look at your fundraising efforts. Plug the holes. Then get back out there and try again. Chances are good you’ll see your results increase.

And if you need help, let us know. Our team is great at finding your holes and giving you solid ideas to fill them up. In fact, sometimes we find million-dollar opportunities! Email to set up a time to talk.